Home Plumbing Maintenance & Checkups Tips

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A well-maintained plumbing system is vital for any home. It facilitates you with clean water in the faucets and efficiently operative appliances. Not to mention the money it saves on your utility and water bills as well as is an enhancing factor for your property too. Taking care of your home plumbing is essential, but most people just don’t take it seriously until a problem arises. By then, however, they are left with a huge mess and ultimately a large bill.

This can be avoided by hiring a reliable inspection team to catch small problems that can turn into large, expensive problems later, just like caseybuildinginspections.com.au. They have a professional inspection team and certified contractors to not only inspect and advise you on plumbing but also offer other services such as building and pest inspection, dilapidation report and special purpose reports.

Here are some maintenance and checkups tips for plumbing system of your home.

  • Get the leaks repaired immediately

Once the leaks have been detected in the plumbing system, don’t put it on hold, get it repaired immediately. If not, then can lead to big problems and you would have to invest more in its repair. If a minor leak has been detected, you can do it yourself using a quick tightening fix and if you do not have any knowledge about the plumbing systems then call in the professionals to do so. Not only this is a good practice but it is also a great way to prevent major issues from developing.

  • Insulate the pipes

When winters arrive, the most common issue faced by Melbourne residents is the frozen pipes which could lead to bursting. To prevent this from happening, you can insulate the pipes. With frozen pipes, there is difficult in water supply and the pipes can explode too. So, to save yourself from the hassle is being proactive and wrapping the pipes with insulation.

  • Replace old fixtures

Keeping your home’s plumbing system up-to-date is a necessity if you want to limit the waste and decrease the water bills. Replacing the old fixtures and washing machines, dishwashers, faucets, showerheads, toilets and other appliances can significantly reduce the amount of water you use every month. Search for appliances with energy star rating to save the money on utility bills.

  • Keep the drains clean

Clogging of the drains is one of the most common plumbing problems that every household faces. However, this can be avoided, install screens over shower and basin strains to preventing the hair flowing down the drains. Clean your plumbing system regularly, but make sure you avoid chemical solutions as they are corrosive in nature. By doing all this you will be able to keep your drains clean.

The above-mentioned are the maintenance and check-up tips for your plumbing system and if you do not follow them, big issues will arise and the building inspection prices would increase further.

Industrial plumbing Basic Information

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Industrial plumbing

What is so special about Industrial plumbing that it has to be seen as a unique identity, not to be clubbed with residential plumbing? After all, both have pipes that cart away waste water and sewage. However on analysis, it will be seen that there is a wide divergence between the two and there are lots of differences in basic setup and installation of residential and commercial plumbing networks.

To get a better idea of industrial plumbing, there are four areas that need to be looked into –

  • Network Architecture – Consider the scale of an industrial or commercial establishment and it will be very easy to imagine how complex plumbing network architecture can be. An industrial complex is often spread out over acres of land, including buildings and manufacturing facilities. There will be multiple floors, with large numbers of sinks and toilets. Not only that, the network will have to run through factory floors collecting effluents from machinery as well as industrial waste. This is why industrial plumbing is in a class of its own and has to be carried out by those specifically trained in this field.

Industrial plumbers have to be certified in this area and only then can they take up this job and do full justice to it. An example will better illustrate this point. Issuing a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne or for that matter anywhere else in Australia for a used vehicle for resale can only be done by certified garages as mandated by regulatory authorities. Similarly for any industrial plumbing activity only certified and licensed plumbers are authorised to do so.

  • Specified grades of pipes and fixtures – The pipes and fixtures for industrial plumbing is of a much higher grade than that used for general applications. This is because the plumbing infrastructure is more frequently used than say the domestic sector. Apart from heavy usage, the sewage water might be a mix of acids and chemicals which will damage ordinary pipes. Industrial grade plumbing pipes are made of special grade materials that can stand up to any form of waste disposal. These are heavy duty and more durable.

In commercial complexes having offices or retail shopping malls, the discharge will primarily be waste water without any harmful toxins in them. But in industrial establishments the problems of waste disposal is more acute simply because of the chemicals and harmful toxins in the effluents. True, water and sewerage treatment plants are today compulsory so that the final waste water that goes into the mainstream is cleaned of toxins. But before that the chemical laden water has to be taken from different sites to the treatment plants. Here the pipes and fixtures have to be of special grade and quality.

  • Increased possibility of heavy damage – The more complex the plumbing system the greater will be the potential for heavy damage should something go wrong. A minor problem in one corner of a factory or commercial building will have a cascading effect on the whole structure. A burst pipe in a kitchen of a house might just about flood the living room or parts of the adjacent rooms. But consider the havoc if a large diameter pipe bursts on the 30th floor of a commercial complex or in a portion of a factory with very sensitive and expensive equipment. The whole area might have to be evacuated for safety of life and records have to be retrieved from damage.

It is therefore necessary that special care be taken in the initial stages when the network is being installed. Further, regular checking and maintenance work should be carried out. Almost all firms, companies and businesses usually have annual contracts for maintenance of plumbing systems with reputed plumbing agencies. Preventive action can eliminate the need for expensive repairs. This is somewhat similar to car air conditioning regas. Not servicing the car air conditioner at periodical intervals can result in damage to the compressor and related parts necessitating costly repairs.

  • Heavy usage demand – A toilet in a house will be used approximately 50 times a day and yet shows considerable amount of wear and tear over the years. Now just imagine the number of times multiple toilets are used in an industrial complex by 500 workers and it will be easy to understand why industrial plumbing has to be of the highest quality to ensure that frequent breakdowns or blockages or backflow do not occur. Hence considerable expertise is required from plumbers engaged to carry out industrial plumbing activities.

Industrial plumbing therefore has to follow these basic guidelines if it has to stand the test of heavy usage and time.

Plumbing Ideas for Your Garden

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Plumbing Ideas

Home gardens take on many forms from few plants in containers to large garden plots in the backyard. Having a home garden is wonderful as it offers immense benefits such as you get the fresh and tasty homegrown produce, provides environmental and enjoyment advantages and adds aesthetic appeal to your property as well. However, maintaining it is an essential component, you need to water it regularly, mow the lawn and remove the weeds at regular intervals.

However, here we will mainly talk about watering and the plumbing ideas for it. So, let’s get started.

If you have a very large garden and a yard then watering it every day can be a difficult task so you need to have sprinklers installed in your garden.

Designing the System

When you are designing the system you need to ensure how deep to bury the waterline, you can take external help for this. Probably you need to bury the water line below the frost line which is approximately 42 inches deep. Once you have decided that the next step is to see what material to use and how to connect the line to the house. Also, look into the stone walls and any trees in the space you decide to lay the waterline. When starting out the project, a certified tree arborist in Melbourne should be involved from beginning to end as any construction project can damage the trees and plants in your garden. These certified arborists have expertise and experience and can give you proper advice on what should be done to protect the trees.

Ground Work

Probably the most difficult part of the project can be digging the trench that would contain the water line. Hire a trench digger to open a ditch as they have the latest equipment to do so with ease, but remember that when digging the lawn, the arborist is also present there. As the roots of the trees are spread across the yard, they can tell that if they can be cut down or not. Once the trench is dug out, ensure that the bottom of it is properly sloped so the water line does not hold any water. Then lay the water pipe and add connection boxes, the boxes in the middle of the garden need to be larger and deeper to accommodate both spigot and the drain valve.

Assembling the System

With the trench ready the next step is to put all the connection boxes in the ground. To install each dig holes few inches deeper than the box itself and fill the bottom with 3-4 inches of gravel. Next, unroll the irrigation line and position it alongside the trench to determine the exact length of each piece of line and mark the holes in the connection boxes to pass the line through. Use a 100 psi line and then start assembling the system at the house. If you have any obstacles in the path of the line then use a 90° fitting and use a four-headed spigot. The four separate heads allow having the main irrigation line always hooked up as well as to have other hoses connected as well.

Now you are done and start watering your garden with ease. However, remember that whenever starting out on any construction project in your home garden or yard take help of tree care services.

Plumbing Mistakes that can give you Sleepless Nights

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Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing failures are what nightmares are made of. Imagine getting up to a flooded living room from a leaking pipe in the bathroom or being faced with clogged kitchen drains just when you are rushing through your cooking activities. Additionally, plumbing issues can fully upset your family schedule for days on end bringing to a halt showers, food preparation, laundry and dish washing. However, you can avoid many of these issues if you are a bit aware of what can make your plumbing system go awry as well as hire certified and licensed plumbers to take care and rectify the defects so that they do not repetitively happen again and again.

  • Too many plumbing appliances – Do you have too many plumbing appliances in your home? This will have a direct impact on the water pressure and it will be low most of the times. This is especially true if you live in a neighbourhood that has perennially low water pressure issues. Reduce the number of fixtures that you have and do not turn on more than two or three at a time. This will help to partially solve the problem but not fully.
  • Fixtures fixed too closely – Once the plumbing fixtures have been installed and the pipes laid, there is little you can do to change them at a later date. It is advisable to get it right the first time around. Leave a space between the toilet, the bath and shower and the sink so that people can move around it. Think of the comfort factor when planning your home at the construction stage itself.
  • Crammed plumbing space – There should be sufficient space around the pipes in the plumbing network so that you or the plumber can approach the clogged pipes to clean them out. If the pipes are concealed behind cupboards have opening so that the pipes can be easily worked on. Opening up a blocked drain will take up that much more time if the fixtures around it like panels have to be removed or dismantled first.
  • Using drain like a garbage pail – Using the kitchen sink like a garbage pail can result in repeated clogging of the drain. A drain is primarily meant for liquids, not egg shells, grease, hair, oil and fat residues in liquids and fruit and vegetable peelings. This is all the more important in large commercial establishments where a lot is often swept into the drain apart from liquids. For example after commercial plasterers in Melbourne or wherever they might be working have finished their work, a waste cement and sand might be dumped into the drain. If the cement hardens inside, the whole plumbing network might have to be dismantled for cleaning. This scenario itself is enough to give anyone sleepless nights.

Plumbing mistakes are hard to rectify and can be costly if whole sections of it have to be replaced or cleaned. It is preferable to have expert professionals design the layout initially so that problems can be avoided at a later date.

The Many Aspects of Plumbing

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Proper plumbing network and its maintenance is what keeps any establishment functioning well, be it residential, commercial or industrial plants and factories. Most importantly, the whole network should be performing at peak operating efficiency round the clock. A burst pipe and a flooded living room or kitchen in the middle of the night can indeed be a traumatic experience for the residents! Hence it is recommended that periodical inspection be carried out to negate this possibility. Better still, an annual maintenance contract (AMC) can be awarded to a well-known plumbing agency that will then ensure that you do not ever have to face a plumbing emergency.

Plumbing is not restricted to pipes and taps in everyday use only. For installing a heating system with boilers in the basement, the first work that needs to be done is to call in plumbers to install the pipes. Similarly, for a cooling system, plumbers have to set up the pipes and the airways, especially for a centralised cooling system to make sure that the condensed water is drained off properly.

In plants and factories, plumbers and plumbing have a crucial role to play. Only those who have required professional expertise can handle the many complexities. Take the case of equipment that runs on high pressure steam. The quality of pipes and the degree of workmanship in installing them must be absolutely perfect. Faulty and below par plumbing can lead to fatal accidents and disasters.

When awarding any plumbing work, go into the antecedents of the contractor. Make sure that the agency is fully licensed, and insured. Which will eliminate the possibility of any unwarranted litigation in case of a mishap in your premises while plumbing work is going on. The service too will be of the highest quality.

Plumbing is what makes your establishment function on well-oiled wheels. Give a lot of thought to its proper care and maintenance.