About Us

Do you have a problem with your plumbing network that is giving you sleepless nights? Are you looking for an authoritative blog site from where you can pick up tips and how-to guides on the plumbing system of your establishment, be it residential, commercial or industrial? You need not look beyond Plumbing Direct, a blog site that is dedicated to plumbing and plumbing only.

As a blog site we invite contributors to write in on the plumbing niche. Any news, information and advice on meeting plumbing challenges are welcome. We especially need blogs that go beyond the conventional plumbing articles. Tell us about your experience with plumbers and points to keep in mind when awarding a contract. Or enlighten our readers on the latest developments in the world of plumbing and modern equipment and gadgets that are now trending in the market.

These and more are what our readers hope to get from our blog site and you, as a solid source can cater to this need. Personal experiences are especially solicited as these go well beyond text book knowledge. What are the precautions necessary for setting up HVAC systems and what materials should be used to optimise installation? What will plumbers do to clear clogged drains? What equipment is currently in vogue?

These are just a few examples to simply illustrate what you can write in about. The world of plumbing is a vast subject, ranging from simple tasks to highly complex ones. Any aspect about plumbing can be covered in this niche blog site.